Supporting the Arts in Schools in Littleton, MA

Annual Meeting 2020 Agenda

Monday, November 2nd, 2020 7:30pm ET

Virtual Meeting information

Zoom link:

Dial-in number: +1 646 558 8656 – Meeting ID: 852 5935 0490

You will enter a waiting room and be admitted by host. Please join with camera off and muted. There will be calls for comments and discussion – please use the “raise hands” function and we will call on you to speak at that time.

Call to order

Attendees (Roll Call):

Presiding officer: Brian O’Neill

Secretary: Kristin Hood

Presiding officer provides background

Current People

FABL Board



  • Drama
  • Music

Financial Review

We will provide a review of our financial structure, a summary of our finances over the past year, and a statement of our current balance.


Review of prior years’ activities

Music: (Linda Ficociello)


Drama: (Brian or LaGina)


Board of Directors election

We are seeking two new members to serve a 3-year term as members of the board of directors, who’s term would end on or near Nov 1st, 2023. Any member who meets the following requirements may be nominated by any FABL member to have their names placed on the ballot.

a.       From the FABL Bylaws: “It shall be a requirement for any person to serve as a Director that such person, at the time of election, is the parent or guardian of a student at a Littleton public school, and that such a student is participating, during the applicable academic year, in an arts activity covered by the Booster under the auspices of a Littleton School.”

Discussion on responsibilities


Officer Nominations

All officer’s serve a 1-year terms in their position. We are seeking nominations for the following officers’ positions. The current serving officer is indicated in parenthesis for each position:

a.       President (Brian O’Neill)

b.       Secretary (Kristin Hood)

c.       Treasurer (Mary Drew)

d.       Vice President – Drama (LaGina Austin)

e.       Vice President – Music (Linda Ficociello)

General discussion

End of Meeting